Friday, October 22, 2010

The Key To Happiness

Have You Found Yours?
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I have come across countless publications about happiness in my time.
Do a keyword search on Happiness on any given day and see how many thousands of us are searching for it. In a world where we seem to have everything, it's becoming more and more clear we have nothing.
Regardless of financial status, heritage, beauty, health and the many blessings bestowed upon us; happiness in itself still seems to be eluding us.

So what is the Key To Happiness?
"Life Is Made Up Of Happiness and Suffering. We Just Have To Remember That
And Figure Out A Way To Roll With The Punches."
Sheena Williams 
As simple as that quote may read, it is what it is. It really is that simple.

If you disagree then you just don't know yet, but you will.

It is impossible to control everything that will happen around us or to us therefore we have to enjoy the good times and learn to deal with the bad times. We have plenty of good times and in our lifetimes we'll have more good times than bad, we just take them for granted. 

Added to this is the silly idea we all have of a perfect life that does nothing but causes us to feel stressed and less free. No one can have a perfect life and if something within your control is causing you unhappiness,  fix it.  If it's not within your control, let it go.

 Maybe you have dreams you feel are unaccomplished. And?   do we all!

Though I have dreams and aspirations, I am devoted to compartmentalising these and my life.
In my life I have needs. In my dreams I have wants. My life is what I need. My dreams are what I want.
I keep the 2 very separate and so should you.

If I am fortunate enough to achieve my dreams, for that I will be thankful. But I am fortunate enough to have life, for that I am thankful.

Sure I'll have dull days when I'm mad at the world and mad at everyone. It's all a part of life and we just have to be able to roll with it.
That right there is my key.

What I'm trying to say is, regardless of what the experts tell you. You will feel down or unhappy from time to time.
Expect to have low days. Life brings joy and sorrow. But on those low days, look for your key (being human sometimes we misplace it).
It's ok to let your low days beat you up at times too, just be secure in the fact that 'this too shall pass'.

We can't run away from sorrow, but we can run away from dwelling in unhappiness.
So whatever your mood today- Reconcile yourself to the fact that there will be good and bad times.

What's my key to happiness?
I appreciate the good times and in the bad times

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  1. Very good article Miss Duchesne. Roll with the punches, great advice.


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