Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Free Spirit or Just Promiscuous? A Woman Talks Of Her Lust

Poetry Corner
Published by The Duchesne

Free Spirit

They say I am a free spirit
I believe this is true
Did I give you my digits?
I might just give it to you

I do have a man at home
But damn you're attractive
He makes sure I'm never alone
Other guys are so addictive

He does everything for me
But I am in a constant battle
He loves me it's plain to see
Should I let our cage rattle?

I just can't commit right now
At the same time it's hard to cheat
I want to get out but how?
We have a child who's so sweet

Is it too late? Do I stay for the kid?
Or do I leave and be a free spirit
Start afresh and forget what I did?
But will I ever stop? Is this my habit?
Is it that I'm bad or am I just a FREE SPIRIT?

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  1. Wow! That was really beautiful! :)
    Loved it. :)


  2. this sounds so much like someone i knowww, ms free spirit

  3. @ Mindy...Yes it was indeed

    @ Anonymous 1.....Yes I'm sure there are many 'ms free spirits' amongst us.

  4. hahaha very nice '

    realy you hav

  5. I can completely understand the free spirit. I fully believe in the bonds of marriage, but until then who says its a bad thing to have a free spirit...its liberating and you have control of yourself and your choices, as long as you are okay with the choices you make!


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