Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stepping Out On Faith

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight
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To walk by faith and not by sight

In my reasonings of late; I have discovered that in this regard I am lacking. See, I am a planner. Whatever I do, there must be a plan from start to finish with contingencies. This can be so frustrating therefore I am considering adjusting my thinking.

Somewhere I once read that 'planning is what boring people do'. I am minded to agree to some extent. 

I want to start viewing my life not in days, weeks, or time etc. 
Instead I want to start looking at my life in 'moments and memories' so that I can have reflections where I smile and think 'I had the time of my life'. How many of us can truly attest to having a lot of those or living our life in a way that ensures we have those moments?

To reach such a level requires 'faith', 'risk' and 'minimal planning'. This is why the kind of people that get the most out of life are not planners. They just take chances, step out on faith.

Can I become one of these people?
It will be hard because you are looking at a lifetime planner. But that's where I'm at right now in my life; I'm looking to start doing more and planning less.

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  1. I have found that sometimes the best things happen to you when You don't plan for it! for instance...I wanted to go home this year for Labor Day...I was thinking about that earlier in the year but I was unemployed so there was no way for me to plan it....low and behold...I was able to go home this Labor Day at the spur of the moment! If you want to make sure that you don't miss out on all the memories and fun times....just put "fun" on the agenda!!!

  2. I'm not a huge planner, but somewhere in the middle. You might like my method for stepping down your plans little by little. Each week I make a loose plan of the things I want to accomplish while PLANNING on only finishing 1/3 to 1/2 my to do list. Then, when I "blow off" my duties to live life (as you call it), I finish enough of my plans to not end up pissed! :o)

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  3. I love this post because it is similar to my line of thinking this past week, but in a slightly skewed manner.

    I often yearned to be free of plans, filled with the desire to " just live", but some small voice inside me would raise its rallying cry to say, " That's irresponsible! You have things you HAVE to do." and, like a silly fool I would always acquiesce.

    Times have changed for me and I am thrust into a world where all my plans don't fit my life any more. To some it looks like a curse, even I, at first, resisted it. But I now finally understand that there is no curse. No, it is much more terrifying and thrilling than that: there is no plan. I have to live each day as it comes, not knowing what it brings! It is like riding the most exciting roller coaster ever!

    I have to walk by faith, not sight.

    ...that is so appropriate considering part of my "curse" is irreversible optic nerve damage that has impaired my vision beyond the help of corrective lenses.

    Great quote. Great post. Good luck on letting go of your plan, perhaps I'll see you on one of my exciting roller coaster rides!!

  4. it's the only way to go

  5. I believe that faith is in your heart. Your belief if you put it in your planner or not that doesn't mean that it is achievable. But what you strongly believe, common sense and with determination it makes it more reachable. Always walk on faith. Faith the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.


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