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'No Average Joe'. R&B's Ladies Man Joe Thomas

Possibly The Most Under Acknowledged R&B Artist Of Our Time
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Joe Thomas, known to most simply as JOE was born in Georgia USA to two preachers. His love for music and the ladies has taken him to the pinnacle of his career giving him millions of fans worldwide and 11 albums.

But there is so much more to the man and so many questions as to why he feels a personal responsibility to live up to what R&B truly means.
For anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that my first featured music article would be about Joe.
My love affair with this artist began 10 years ago when I first heard the song entitled "I Wanna Know" from Joe's 3rd album "My Name is Joe".

Music was always a part of Joe's life being that he grew up in the pentecostal church. He always played the guitar, sang, or directed the churh choir.
Gospel music and artists such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke etc. influenced Joe as a child . This is evident in his musical style.
Shortly after finishing high school and holding down a few odd jobs plus taking gigs here and there; Joe decided to move to New Jersey where he made connections with some people in the music industry.
His demo recording led to him being signed with Zomba/Mercury records who released the hit "All The Things Your Man Won't Do'. From thereon Joe's career catapulted and the hits kept coming.

Joe spreaks highly of his parents and how his mother's strength and compassion has given him utmost respect for women which explains why his music is always about the ladies and making them feel special.

Many people do not know that Joe produces and writes songs for himself as well as other artists and to date Joe has 11 albums under his belt.

Studio Albums
Everything (1993)           
All That I am (1997)        
My Name Is Joe (2000)   
Better Days (2001)           
And Then (2003)
Aint Nothin' Like Me (2007)
Joe Thomas, New Man (2008)
Signature (2009)

Christmas Albums
Make Sure You're Home For Christmas (2009)
Home Is The Essence Of Christmas (2009)

Compilation Albums
Greatest Hits, Joe Thomas (2008)
Joe Thomas, Live From Japan (2010)

In 2008, Joe left Jive Records deciding to take the independent route teaming up with long time friend Kedar of Kedar Entertainment. Joe's album New Man and Signature were released under the new label with Signature being itunes best R&B album of 2009.

Joe Thomas undoubtedly is one of R&B's greatest. With over 17 years in the business he still easily manages to stay relevant, contemporary and true to the music which is very much appreciated since the industry is so saturated with manufactured rubbish these days.

As a female, I can attest that Joe's music always makes me feel like a 'special lady' and it would be a great honour to interview the man himself someday.
For the millions of women just like myself who adore his music; he truly will always be 'THE LADIES MAN' and a gift to R&B.
A R&B Legend

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  1. I love Joe too.

  2. Thank you Duchesne. Joe you may not know it but you are my husband. This is my baby right here!! I love this man so much and I truly believe that whether he's recognized or not in the industry, he will ALWAYS be #1. He have a strong fan base nationally & internationally. Joe has made the most, the most beautiful heart felt, soul stirring music of all time. And when he sings, you can feel it deep in the core of your inner being. I am literally in love with him (seriously).
    He's a lovely man. It's a divine pleasure to be able to look up to him not only as a positive role model but also as an artist whose REAL in all that's done. I don't take him neither his music lightly at all.
    There are no words that could ever describe who he is. Thank you so much Joe for just being you out there when others portray artificial images of who they are. As the creator of the JOE THOMAS: KING of R&B on Facebook, you will see why this man means so much to me & it's not only musically either. I love you always hun. Take care & blessings to you.

    Ms. C.D. Williams

  3. I am a major R&B fan, who recently moved to South Florida. I thought I had left all the R&B radio stations back in New York, but boy was I wrong. X102.3 is my new favorite station for the hottest and latest R&B tracks. It’s easy to get hooked on this


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