Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Should 1 Man Have All That Power? Yes. If You're Mr. West

Kanye West Screens His Self Directed Movie 'Runaway' In London
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He has been  through a lot over the past year. We all recall the Taylor Swift moment at the MTV Awards and how hard the media came down on him. Even the President got involved and called Kanye a 'jackass'. I was personally upset over that comment by Mr. Obama actually, he shouldn't have gone that far. Kanye spent a lot of money on Obama's campaign; methinks there should have been some loyalty. Barack should have given no public comment on that matter.
I didn't understand what the big deal was anyhow. It's not like he snatched the microphone, he did say 'excuse me Taylor' Didn't he? Anyhow, back to the article.

Kanye West has always been one of my favourite Hip Hop artists. No one takes a sample and makes hits the way he does. Combine natural talent with his raw passion, you actually feel each word as it resonates through the box, i-pod or whatever it is you're listening to these days. On top of that, during Hurricane Katrina, he was the first to call out George Bush. From then on I knew Kanye was 'fearless'. 

Never afraid to stand up for Black Pride and empower us regardless of consequence, maybe due to him being the son of a former Black Panther, Kanye is determined to leave a legacy that his late mother can be proud of.
Kanye and father Ray West
Kanye and late mom, Donda West (RIP)

Set on showing his artistic abilities and diversity, Kanye is now dabbling into movies with his self directed  film 'Runaway'.

Runaway is about a phoenix falling to earth whom becomes Kanye's girlfriend. People discriminate against her so much that she is forced to burn herself alive and return to her world. Model and actress, Selita Ebanks plays the Phoenix.
Selita Ebanks (The Phoenix)

Kanye introduced the film at the London screening on October 6, 2010 saying:  "With the passing of Michael Jackson I feel a responsibility to bring things to our generation that can inspire and bring real culture to pop culture. I want to use my POWER in a proper way."

Of his inspirations for making the film he referred to Purple Rain, The Wall, Thriller, and wanting to do a modern version of those. He took questions from journalists and bloggers that ran late into the night, keen to answer everyone. 

The 35 minute screening was a 'rough cut' to use Kanye's own words. He plans to do more work on the film before it is screened for the public. Consisting approximately 5 scenes featuring songs from his upcoming album as the soundtrack; you can expect Runaway to be another of Kanye's major successes. 

Check out a snippet of the film Runaway on You Tube and look out for Kanye's 5th album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' due out on November 22.

Picture of the Phoenix from Kanye's film Runaway

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  1. He is the truth, poeple say Kanye West is racist but he is not. He is just proud of his blackness and his people. All black people should be like that and we would be a better people. Kanye West all the way everyday.

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  4. nice piece.Kanye is indeed the real deal.. i cant wait to see his movie

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