Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fear Of Success. Is It Possible For Those Looking For It?

Can You Fear Success If You've Never Had It? 
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Sounds crazy right? How and why would anyone be afraid to succeed? 
Bearing in mind each definition of success will vary according to the individual, aren't we all trying to succeed?

Well the experts say it is not as simple minded as that. And even I who want to succeed may possibly be suffering from fear of success without even knowing it.

Do you find yourself doing any of these?
  • Constantly thinking something is holding you back
  • Feeling everything is out of control
  • Knowing in yourself that you intentionally don't give 100%
  • Easily find distractions to keep you from focusing on what you should be doing
  • Having trouble focusing your energy very long
  • Losing motivation
  • Letting your confidence take a knock

Two or more of these could be a sign that you fear success according to experts.

The difference with fear of success and fear of failure is that with the latter one doesn't take the risks needed to achieve the desired outcome whereas the former is a fear of never being good enough; having too many eyes watching you to live up to the success and expectations, and ultimately never being truly happy. 

In my opinion, fear of success is very tricky and can be easily confused with fear of failure. In fact all the characteristics listed above seem to me those of fear of failure. 
I think one can only fear success once you've achieved it. It is only then the expectations and watching occurs.  Plus, isn't being concerned with the expectations, what people will say and all of that leading back to fear of failure? Fear of not living up to a standard is fear of failing is it not?

Though I am not an expert, I doubt highly that one can fear success if one has never actually experienced the negatives success can bring.
For those individuals, aspiring to not succeed isn't a fear of success, it's a choice.

As always though, I stand to be corrected. What do you think? Can one fear success whilst trying to achieve it?
Am I fearing success when I don't give my all? Or am I fearing failure by saving face, knowing I can always console myself by saying "I could have won had I given 100%?"

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Please note Success in this article can mean anything, not just material or monetary. 


  1. I just used facebook and stumble upon to spread the word about this article on success... and am now sitting around wondering if I've really been trying my best. :o)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  2. Lol@Rachel.....Don't wonder for too long now...Get to doing...ehehehehee

  3. That's true! I really feel all you mentioned above. I fear success.

    P.S: thanks for your comment. I'm following you now. Please come again :)


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