Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid- Asteroid Threat To The Earth

How Afraid Should We Be Really?
Published by The Duchesne

As I type, Scientists and Astronauts are involved in a workshop lasting for 3 days in Germany to contemplate what countries' reactions would be if an asteroid hit earth. The conference is being held to look into plausible scenarios of an asteroid impact on our planet.

Rusty Schweickart, a former Apollo Nine Astronaut reported the threat is not limited to individual countries but is indeed global and everyone should be concerned. He is the head of the European Space Agency's comittee on Near Earth Objects (NEO's).
He was quoted as saying , "What we need to do is bring the world together, recognise that this is a global threat."

Is this happening any time soon? How scared should we be? 

And this is just a water melon!

Okay. I'm probably making light of the situation here. But really, why get all afraid and worked up about it? Maybe if I told you that we can actually do something to prevent asteroids hitting earth you would understand why I am taking it so lightly. So here it goes:
The space technology that we currently have can slightly change an asteroid's orbit that we see heading to earth up to 15-20 years ahead.

You may wonder why then are they holding a workshop meeting regarding impact threat if that's the case? 
Well these meetings are standard; plus planned and prepared as we may be, nothing can be guaranteed. Right?
We never know when a freak of nature can occur. So in the meantime, live and enjoy your life to the fullest because as far as we aware we only have one life. Please make it count as it can be snatched from us at any time without notice. 

To your health, life and happiness. Cheers!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fear Of Success. Is It Possible For Those Looking For It?

Can You Fear Success If You've Never Had It? 
Published by The Duchesne

Sounds crazy right? How and why would anyone be afraid to succeed? 
Bearing in mind each definition of success will vary according to the individual, aren't we all trying to succeed?

Well the experts say it is not as simple minded as that. And even I who want to succeed may possibly be suffering from fear of success without even knowing it.

Do you find yourself doing any of these?
  • Constantly thinking something is holding you back
  • Feeling everything is out of control
  • Knowing in yourself that you intentionally don't give 100%
  • Easily find distractions to keep you from focusing on what you should be doing
  • Having trouble focusing your energy very long
  • Losing motivation
  • Letting your confidence take a knock

Two or more of these could be a sign that you fear success according to experts.

The difference with fear of success and fear of failure is that with the latter one doesn't take the risks needed to achieve the desired outcome whereas the former is a fear of never being good enough; having too many eyes watching you to live up to the success and expectations, and ultimately never being truly happy. 

In my opinion, fear of success is very tricky and can be easily confused with fear of failure. In fact all the characteristics listed above seem to me those of fear of failure. 
I think one can only fear success once you've achieved it. It is only then the expectations and watching occurs.  Plus, isn't being concerned with the expectations, what people will say and all of that leading back to fear of failure? Fear of not living up to a standard is fear of failing is it not?

Though I am not an expert, I doubt highly that one can fear success if one has never actually experienced the negatives success can bring.
For those individuals, aspiring to not succeed isn't a fear of success, it's a choice.

As always though, I stand to be corrected. What do you think? Can one fear success whilst trying to achieve it?
Am I fearing success when I don't give my all? Or am I fearing failure by saving face, knowing I can always console myself by saying "I could have won had I given 100%?"

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Please note Success in this article can mean anything, not just material or monetary. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Shave Or Not To Shave? Do Women Have A Choice? A Woman's Dilemma.

Do You Shave? Every Part?
Published by The Duchesne

Oscar and Golden Globe winner Monique makes it no secret that she doesn't shave her legs and she can constantly be spotted rocking the red carpet, out and about, and at celebrity events with her sleek unshaven legs. In fact, her decision was influenced mainly by her husband who loves body hair. My feeling is that most men don't mind bodily hair or at some point didn't mind it. When then did women start getting all this pressure to shave?  Are we shaving for ourselves? Or for men?

I grew up in Jamaica where once upon a time nothing was sexier than a woman with hairy legs. Nowadays the western ideal of  clean shaven has even infected my birth land.
There is so much pressure and expectations on women it is almost unreal to fathom that we are just feeding into everything society tells us is beautiful.

Hygienic reasons

Out of my girlfriends, I'm the only one who doesn't shave. Hygiene is the reason they claim they shave but isn't it for the sake of hygiene that women have their hairs in the first place?
Pubic and armpit hair can be likened to eyelashes as their purpose is to shield sweat and debris. By showering we keep the hair clean. 
Having bodily hair is completely natural. If hair wasn't supposed to be there then it wouldn't. Plus this is a whole double standard. It's okay for men not to shave so why is it not okay for women? 

In Europe, particularly London where I reside, you can get away with hairy arms and legs as a female. However, dare you not leave your armpit or pubic area unshaven. Of course this doesn't apply to me. I'm a non-conformist, or so I thought.

Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles and Julia Roberts mocked for coming out with hairy armpits
My recent trip to Florida had me rethinking my whole stance. I trodded the streets of Tallahassee in the height of summer wearing shorts, sleeveless etc. and felt fine. No one made any comments, gave any funny stares, it was like being back in London.It was only when my cousin (male) said "Damn! Girl you don't shave? This is the US. I don't know how ya'll do it back in London but we shave here. People will think you're nasty."

His comments affected me in a way I hadn't thought it would. Maybe it was because I was out of my territory but for some reason I went to the store and bought some hair removal cream. The next day I was bald as a baby.
The funny thing was that I felt more conscious about my image than ever before. Up until I had shaved I was very comfortable in my skin. I had been meeting with high society including the Mayor of Tallahassee and no one was looking at my hairy legs. Now every time I stepped out with my shaved legs I couldn't help but wonder if they had noticed.

All my life I have been very comfortable with not shaving. I am back in the UK thus have resorted to being unshaven.
However, I wonder for how long as with my imminent migration plans to the USA, I'm pretty sure I'll have to hop on the clean shaved boat almost permanently.
Guess it's just the world we live in and again one of those things we as women are expected to do in order to be 'socially acceptable'. How sad is that?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nicki Minaj May Be The "Bestist", But You Can Only Date Her If You Have "The Best Tits"

Nicki Minaj Doesn't Date Guys, Girls Are More Fun.
Published by The Duchesne

There have been a lot of whispers about whether or not the self proclaimed 'bestist' female rapper and Hip Hop's hottest chic right now is a lesbian. Some say she is bisexual and others say she is heterosexual.
From my readings and gatherings, it seems Nicki has finally made clear her position in terms of sexuality.

On reading Ebony Magazine's October issue, there was an article on the fire stepper herself by Kelley L. Carter. The title read 'Getting Paid. Young Money's cash chick tells us a thing or two'.
In the article, Nicki talks about why she wears the coloured wigs, trying to keep her lyrics clean, meeting Lil Wayne, fame, mix tapes and her biggest female rap influence; which interestingly or oddly is the one and only Miss Lauryn Hill.

The juicy bit in the article for me was on what dating is like for her now, to which Nicki's response was;

"I don't date guys. I hang out with my girls. 
They're sexier, anyway, and they're more fun. 
And less needy."

Now this clearly doesn't look like someone trying to cast any doubt over her sexuality. Nicki seems to be pretty eloquent and transparent in voicing her preference.

Will that affect the Barbie's career? 

It shouldn't; considering Elton John, George Michael, Ellen Degeneres to name a few did very well regardless of sexuality.
But in the Black community where homosexuality is frowned upon, Nicki Minaj has done almost the inconceivable by making her stance so public.

The parody in this is in the words she chose and the way the sentences were structured, leaving room for interpretation.
If it should all come tumbling down, Nicki could always turn around and say:

1. She didn't say she dated girls. She only said she hung out with them. Does hanging out with girls make her gay?
2. Her thinking they're sexier and less needy than men doesn't mean she dates them.
3. Her saying she doesn't date guys, doesn't automatically mean she dates girls either.

(The art of semantics. Got to salute her PR team.)

Either way, I like the Barbie. She is undoubtedly the 'bestist' lady in the game right now. For that reason I'm sure her sexuality won't negatively impact her career.
Yet, for all the guys who had aspirations for this beauty, condolences.

After all is said and done, Nicki Minaj does have talent and I wish her the best from one sister to another as she continues to rise.

Nicki Minaj's album Pink Friday will be out  Novembe23rd. 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The BlackBerry - More Popular Than Jesus?

It's Everywhere. It's on Everyone's Lips; But What Are Its Miracles?
Published by The Duchesne

Not since Ali shook up the world,  Hip Hop popularised the Gold teeth & Bling, and Barack ran for president; have I seen one FAD grip nations and people on the the scale the BlackBerry has. What is it about this gadget that makes plenty of us feel under par if we don't have it?

It's the first thing most pick up in the morning. Possibly the only must have on one's person throughout the day. And in true form, the last thing that gets put down at night.
The BlackBerry is arguably not the best phone on the market neither is it the most stylish. There are notable contenders such as the Samsung and Apple counterparts boasting just as much features, huger screens, etc. that are perhaps more stylish.
So what is it about the BlackBerry that is making it such a 'religion' almost?

Are we simply 'following the crowd/craze'?

Last Christmas I recieved a BlackBerry as a gift. I was most excited to join the BlackBerry clan until I opened the box. Can you say disappointed? The screen was too tiny for my liking not to mention the keys. The picture and video clarity was not commendable. Those were enough to break the deal for me. I brought it back to the shop, went through hell and high water to get it returned and chose a Samsung Jet in the end.

When I tell anyone I returned a BlackBerry for a Samsung, I am looked upon as if I have a lopsided head. Why?
Because it's unheard of. Who says 'No' to a BlackBerry?  Still, I have never been one to follow the crowd.

I love my Jet. I love the clarity, resolution, apps., screen size, everything. about it. My Jet does all the things I would have wanted the BlackBerry to do and I am happy I said no to the BB.
But I would be lying if I said that when I see everyone popping out their BlackBerries on the train, I don't get a little 'BlackBerry envy' with some part of me wanting to be a part of the crowd.

Many people would never consider trying anything other than the BlackBerry. And I will continue to be silently amused by the pride and 'pompousness' that emanates from people's eyes when they say  'I OWN A BLACKBERRY'.

Nonetheless, it's high time we see this phone for what it really is - Just another good phone and simply that. It doesn't warrant all the Reverence, surely?

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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Research Shows Brain Gets Bigger After Giving Birth

Want To Grow Your Brain?   Have A Baby Say Scientists
Published by The Duchesne

A study carried out on the brains of women 2-3 weeks after giving birth and again 3-4 months later, showed significant growth in areas of the brain.
The results were very unusual as changes in the brains of adults over such a short period only occurs if there is significant learning, brain inury etc.

Regions of the brain that showed growth included the prefrontal cortex (responsible for reasoning and judgement), the hypothalamus (responsible for metabolism regulation) and the parietal lobe (responsible for sensory).

Mothers who were very enthusiastic about motherhood showed larger brain growth as opposed to those who were less enthusiastic.
The research was carried out by The National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland, USA.

And there you have it, new mothers actually experience increased brain growth.
So for everyone who has said that a woman's brain turns to pulp after giving birth, consider yourself newly advised.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

'No Average Joe'. R&B's Ladies Man Joe Thomas

Possibly The Most Under Acknowledged R&B Artist Of Our Time
Published by The Duchesne

Joe Thomas, known to most simply as JOE was born in Georgia USA to two preachers. His love for music and the ladies has taken him to the pinnacle of his career giving him millions of fans worldwide and 11 albums.

But there is so much more to the man and so many questions as to why he feels a personal responsibility to live up to what R&B truly means.
For anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that my first featured music article would be about Joe.
My love affair with this artist began 10 years ago when I first heard the song entitled "I Wanna Know" from Joe's 3rd album "My Name is Joe".

Music was always a part of Joe's life being that he grew up in the pentecostal church. He always played the guitar, sang, or directed the churh choir.
Gospel music and artists such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke etc. influenced Joe as a child . This is evident in his musical style.
Shortly after finishing high school and holding down a few odd jobs plus taking gigs here and there; Joe decided to move to New Jersey where he made connections with some people in the music industry.
His demo recording led to him being signed with Zomba/Mercury records who released the hit "All The Things Your Man Won't Do'. From thereon Joe's career catapulted and the hits kept coming.

Joe spreaks highly of his parents and how his mother's strength and compassion has given him utmost respect for women which explains why his music is always about the ladies and making them feel special.

Many people do not know that Joe produces and writes songs for himself as well as other artists and to date Joe has 11 albums under his belt.

Studio Albums
Everything (1993)           
All That I am (1997)        
My Name Is Joe (2000)   
Better Days (2001)           
And Then (2003)
Aint Nothin' Like Me (2007)
Joe Thomas, New Man (2008)
Signature (2009)

Christmas Albums
Make Sure You're Home For Christmas (2009)
Home Is The Essence Of Christmas (2009)

Compilation Albums
Greatest Hits, Joe Thomas (2008)
Joe Thomas, Live From Japan (2010)

In 2008, Joe left Jive Records deciding to take the independent route teaming up with long time friend Kedar of Kedar Entertainment. Joe's album New Man and Signature were released under the new label with Signature being itunes best R&B album of 2009.

Joe Thomas undoubtedly is one of R&B's greatest. With over 17 years in the business he still easily manages to stay relevant, contemporary and true to the music which is very much appreciated since the industry is so saturated with manufactured rubbish these days.

As a female, I can attest that Joe's music always makes me feel like a 'special lady' and it would be a great honour to interview the man himself someday.
For the millions of women just like myself who adore his music; he truly will always be 'THE LADIES MAN' and a gift to R&B.
A R&B Legend

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Key To Happiness

Have You Found Yours?
Published by The Duchesne

I have come across countless publications about happiness in my time.
Do a keyword search on Happiness on any given day and see how many thousands of us are searching for it. In a world where we seem to have everything, it's becoming more and more clear we have nothing.
Regardless of financial status, heritage, beauty, health and the many blessings bestowed upon us; happiness in itself still seems to be eluding us.

So what is the Key To Happiness?
"Life Is Made Up Of Happiness and Suffering. We Just Have To Remember That
And Figure Out A Way To Roll With The Punches."
Sheena Williams 
As simple as that quote may read, it is what it is. It really is that simple.

If you disagree then you just don't know yet, but you will.

It is impossible to control everything that will happen around us or to us therefore we have to enjoy the good times and learn to deal with the bad times. We have plenty of good times and in our lifetimes we'll have more good times than bad, we just take them for granted. 

Added to this is the silly idea we all have of a perfect life that does nothing but causes us to feel stressed and less free. No one can have a perfect life and if something within your control is causing you unhappiness,  fix it.  If it's not within your control, let it go.

 Maybe you have dreams you feel are unaccomplished. And?   do we all!

Though I have dreams and aspirations, I am devoted to compartmentalising these and my life.
In my life I have needs. In my dreams I have wants. My life is what I need. My dreams are what I want.
I keep the 2 very separate and so should you.

If I am fortunate enough to achieve my dreams, for that I will be thankful. But I am fortunate enough to have life, for that I am thankful.

Sure I'll have dull days when I'm mad at the world and mad at everyone. It's all a part of life and we just have to be able to roll with it.
That right there is my key.

What I'm trying to say is, regardless of what the experts tell you. You will feel down or unhappy from time to time.
Expect to have low days. Life brings joy and sorrow. But on those low days, look for your key (being human sometimes we misplace it).
It's ok to let your low days beat you up at times too, just be secure in the fact that 'this too shall pass'.

We can't run away from sorrow, but we can run away from dwelling in unhappiness.
So whatever your mood today- Reconcile yourself to the fact that there will be good and bad times.

What's my key to happiness?
I appreciate the good times and in the bad times

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Published by The Duchesne

(Snippet below is from the novel 'Finer Wine' by Sheena Williams).
"And then it had to end.
  I was distraught.
  Not one to do heartbreak, I threw myself into another relationship to get over him.
  That clearly hasn't worked. It's been 3 years 4 months still only loving him."

Will they ever be together again? 
She thinks they will so she waits patiently for that time to come. 
In the meantime, she continues to love him, and love him, and love him so much more. 
I suppose on some level everyone can relate to the above. Finding someone you longed for your whole life then it ends and you try your hardest to replicate or replace that person to no avail.
Some never attempt to reconcile it preferring to keep the fond memories. For others, they fight for their love lost in many forms. One form being the ultimate 'love letter'.

Love Letter To A Love That Got Away (writer wishes to be anonymous)

Dearest Love,

Of you I always dream, oh may these lines find you in good and joyful spirits. Do you ever think of me? Sometimes? 
I think of you always. Late at night, early in mornings, on mid sunny days and on dark cold evenings. It pains my heart that we didn't get a fair chance. Please understand that you will be in my heart forever. I miss your lips, your gentle kiss, your caress, your charisma, your charm, your smell, your beautiful face that houses those glistening white teeth bringing me to your smile. 
Oh how I miss your smile. That 1 in a million smile that could get you anything you desired of me. Do you know how beautiful you are to me? Do you know I would love to wear your name? That I practise saying my name with yours attached?  
I spoke with you again today. Just couldn't resist any longer. And now my heart dances a jubilant dance. Why? Oh why must we be so far apart? I love you. 
Do you know that I love you? I loved you from the first time I saw your face captured in pictures. It was immediate. Out of everyone; you were The one. So you see, it was not just physical with us. From the onset it was a spiritual attraction. Yes you were fine. Indeed. But so were the others. It wasn't just physical, my spirit had loved your spirit and your spirit had loved mine.
I fought myself to not engage too much initially. Remember? 
It took you forever to get me to go on a date. It wasn't because I hadn't wanted to. Quite the contrary. Twas because I knew I would love you and I was in no position to love you. To love you how I wanted to, and how you deserved. 
I was right too because I knew the outcome would have been what it was. But I loved you. Don't ever forget that. And I still do. You told me I will always have a place in your heart. I hold on to that.
When you left, I cried. I never told you. But I cried Baby. I loved you so much it was pathetic. I cried for you and for me. 
I still cry, wanting you to kiss my tears away.
Now I feel like I'm in  high school all over again, grinning from ear to ear whenever I hear your voice, see your face or think of you. When my days are dull, I only need to think of you and they instantly brighten.
Your lips are sweeter than sugar, your skin as black as dark rich chocolate, your breath as fresh as the mountain air, your arms as safe as a fortress, I just want to seek solitude in them forever. 
May I seek solitude in us forever? 
Let me love you baby, with all that I am and all that I have to give. Let me love YOU. 

 Love you eternal, 

This letter holds personal resonance with me. In a large proportion of instances, I remember a love I once had. It was a special kind. Still is.
We all know that kind, don't we? Having moments with someone whom makes your heart smile its biggest smile. Nothing can compare. It's that new love. That puppy love feeling all over again. Those moments made being in love so worthwhile.

We were together a time ago, though looking back it seems like just yesterday. And, if I let the feelings carry me, it appears to be just today.
My way of holding on is to replay our moments often, keeping those memories near. I reach out to him every now and then, letting him know I hold him dear. Why didn't  it work you might wonder? Well, these things have an odd way of playing out don't they? In our case it was bad timing. Aargh I just detest that, right person, wrong time.

Today's edition is dedicated solely to those who have had a love that just didn't happen and are still holding hope that it will atleast be given a chance.

Don't give up, write a love letter to your love. For if it still doesn't work, one can always look back and say 'I tried'.

This edition is also dedicated to, and inspired by my lost love. You know who you are; loving you from afar.

I will continue to love him, and love him and love him so much more. It's bitter sweet. Sigh.

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Additional info:

'Finer wine' is the follow up to Sheena Williams' 1st novel 'Fine Wine'. A series of three novels, with the 3rd and final being 'The Finest Wine'. The novels are currently in the process of publishing and syndication.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Should We Bid The Traditional Handshake Goodbye?

Two Prominent Men May be Leading The Way
Published by The Duchesne

Barack Obama loves this gesture

Dalai Lama fist bumps with Memphis mayor

It's surprising that in today's liberal world the thought of greeting with a fist bump is still looked upon as informal, when in fact its history states otherwise. 
Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln marked the end of the American Civil war with a bump of fists signifying unity.

Barack Obama gave it a revival when he fist bumped with Michelle after a campaign speech in 2008.
Since then, there have been numerous articles on the fist bump and whether or not it is 'appropriate' for high profiled individuals to showcase. Some have even gone as far as branding it a 'terrorist fist jab'. 

(Funny how it seemed to be terrorist when Barack did it but it was not the case when others were doing it.)

In my opinion, I would rather fist bump than shake hands; be cheek kissed or hugged by individuals I hardly know. We definitely do not know where hands have been and from a health perspective, the quickest way to spread germs and viruses is through a handshake, since the palms of the hand and fingertips are extremely receptive to germs. 

As humans we touch our faces repeatedly, particularly eyelids, nostrils and lips without even noticing and we do this almost as often as blinking. It is an innate trait that is also identifiable in our close relatives, the primates.

Medical evidence points out that greeting with knuckles instead of the fingertips renders disease transmission less likely and with serious strains of viruses such as the swine flu, one must really consider which is more important. 
Being a conformist and adhering to what is socially acceptable? Or making one's own choice considering the health implications?

There will always be people with something to say, but at the end of the day the decision on how you live your life, and HOW you choose to greet, lies with you. 
So don't be afraid, the next time someone offers you a hand, bump that fist....

Long live the fist bump!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

"Would You Like A Spouse With That?" - McDonalds Doing Weddings

Getting Married And Struggling With Cash? Have a McWedding
Published by The Duchesne
I'm shaking: The happy meal couple share a slurp at their wedding buffet

As of January next year, Mcdonalds all over Hong Kong will be opening its doors to couples who want to tie the knot with packages from as little as £160 up to £250.
Packages include a cake, gifts and a set menu or wedding guest ordering during the event as the restaurant will still be open for business as usual to the public. Yes that might be a little inconvenient, but it'll surely be a day you'd never forget.

Couples use fries instead of the traditional cake or cherry

The Hong Kong Chain Director reportedly says the idea was put into fruition after recieving numerous requests from customers over a period of 2 years for the service. Many of the customers claim to have met in the restaurant hence saw it fitting to formalise their relationship there.

 Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses made from twisted balloons as a part of packages for the more adventurous. 

And if you love McDonald's Apple Pies then here's one for you- Apple Pie cake.

All in all, this might not be for everyone but it will truly satisfy some.

This scheme has not been rolled out across the UK as yet. However, you can always badger your local McDonald's. Who knows?

In time the UK or your country of residence, with enough requests, might soon have its own McWedding deals!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mouse Baked In Bread Provokes Interest In Manufacturing Standards

Father Discovers Mouse Baked In His Bread
Published by The Duchesne

Imagine sitting down to a meal and spotting this?

That's exactly what happened to the Forse family as they were preparing sandwiches for their children in 2009. The case which ended last month saw the bread company Premier Foods being fined little over £16,000.

Stephen Forse, the dad who discovered the object, said he had used up some of the bread to make sandwiches previously but noticed a dark object fixed in the corner of the bread according to the Daily Mail. At first he thought it was unmixed dough until he noticed a fur-like consistency and on closer inspection saw the mouse.

Forse reportedly contacted the Environment Health Agency and was further distressed when he was told that the tail of the mouse was missing. He stated he was sickened because it was possible that one of his children may have eaten the tail in a previous sandwich he had made the day before.
To date it is unclear what happened to the tail, and whether it had fallen off during the baking process or had in fact been eaten.

Premier Foods issued this statement after the court findings "We apologise profusely for the distress caused because of this isolated incident."
They also state they have carried out a thorough investigation and have found no evidence of mice within their bakery or any similiar customer findings or complaints, re-enforcing this was definitely an 'isolated' incident.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Should 1 Man Have All That Power? Yes. If You're Mr. West

Kanye West Screens His Self Directed Movie 'Runaway' In London
Published by The Duchesne

He has been  through a lot over the past year. We all recall the Taylor Swift moment at the MTV Awards and how hard the media came down on him. Even the President got involved and called Kanye a 'jackass'. I was personally upset over that comment by Mr. Obama actually, he shouldn't have gone that far. Kanye spent a lot of money on Obama's campaign; methinks there should have been some loyalty. Barack should have given no public comment on that matter.
I didn't understand what the big deal was anyhow. It's not like he snatched the microphone, he did say 'excuse me Taylor' Didn't he? Anyhow, back to the article.

Kanye West has always been one of my favourite Hip Hop artists. No one takes a sample and makes hits the way he does. Combine natural talent with his raw passion, you actually feel each word as it resonates through the box, i-pod or whatever it is you're listening to these days. On top of that, during Hurricane Katrina, he was the first to call out George Bush. From then on I knew Kanye was 'fearless'. 

Never afraid to stand up for Black Pride and empower us regardless of consequence, maybe due to him being the son of a former Black Panther, Kanye is determined to leave a legacy that his late mother can be proud of.
Kanye and father Ray West
Kanye and late mom, Donda West (RIP)

Set on showing his artistic abilities and diversity, Kanye is now dabbling into movies with his self directed  film 'Runaway'.

Runaway is about a phoenix falling to earth whom becomes Kanye's girlfriend. People discriminate against her so much that she is forced to burn herself alive and return to her world. Model and actress, Selita Ebanks plays the Phoenix.
Selita Ebanks (The Phoenix)

Kanye introduced the film at the London screening on October 6, 2010 saying:  "With the passing of Michael Jackson I feel a responsibility to bring things to our generation that can inspire and bring real culture to pop culture. I want to use my POWER in a proper way."

Of his inspirations for making the film he referred to Purple Rain, The Wall, Thriller, and wanting to do a modern version of those. He took questions from journalists and bloggers that ran late into the night, keen to answer everyone. 

The 35 minute screening was a 'rough cut' to use Kanye's own words. He plans to do more work on the film before it is screened for the public. Consisting approximately 5 scenes featuring songs from his upcoming album as the soundtrack; you can expect Runaway to be another of Kanye's major successes. 

Check out a snippet of the film Runaway on You Tube and look out for Kanye's 5th album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' due out on November 22.

Picture of the Phoenix from Kanye's film Runaway

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marrying For Money- Why It May Not Be Gold Digging

Sugar Baby or Just his Baby?  In It For The Love of And Money.

-Why Did You Get Married?
Published by The Duchesne

It's no secret that many people marry for money these days. In this time and age marrying for money is no longer taboo and a question many women are faced with is: "Should I marry for love, or money?"

I am torn with an answer to this. On the one hand I am rooting for the underdog, the one who has nothing to offer but love. On the other, the number one cause of divorce is money worries or financial stress.
To help me make my mind up, I took to the streets of London and questioned some random people on the subject. I asked, "Should we marry for love or for money?"

Here are some of the answers I got:

Olu, Managing Consultant - "Love matters but we will not feel the excitement of love forever, there must be a strong sense of commitment and some financial stability to keep it going. Marry for both."

Andrew, Director - "If you had asked me 1 year ago, I would have said love. We got married for love but in the end got divorced because of money."

Sarah, Housewife - "Definitely love. Money is a selfish reason and love is selfless."

Dionne, Teacher - "Marriage is a contract so focus on the commitment. Will this person commit if the money goes? Will this person stick around if the love goes?  Marry for commitment instead of love or money."

Anita, Housewife - "It is easier to get the love down the line than it is to get the money. Marry for money. But I wouldn't call it money, I would call it stability."
Rashid, Factory worker - "I'd say love. Money can't buy happiness and the connection you get with someone you truly love."

Paul, Unemployed - " I don't think this applies to men. Men always marry for love, don't we?"

Samuel, CEO - "It's been said that the first time you marry it's for love. The second time is for money and the third time is just for fun. I think I agree with that saying."

James, Self Employed - "Many marriages start out with love and end because of money. Marriages that happen for money seldom end. Money seems to rule."

Out of the 50 people questioned; 20 said they would marry for both love and money, 10 said they would marry for money and 20 said they would marry for love. Of the 20 who said both, I pushed for them to choose one; all 20 chose money. Overall, 30 out of the 50 questioned would marry for money.

The decision to get married is an individual one and so is the reason. For each "I do", there will be various motivations. There is nothing wrong with desiring financial security. Likewise there is nothing wrong with desiring love unconditional.
It is difficult to find both and often it comes down to making a choice. 
Is a woman a gold digger if she places more value on financial standing than on love itself? Is a woman a fool if she places more value on love than on financial standing? 

Is it for for us to say who is right and who is wrong? What makes one person happy doesn't necessarily make another. Who are we to judge?
Ideally we all want to marry for love. However, love already has its share of problems; compound that with money worries and it's a near recipe for disaster.

I think I would want both Love and Money. But if I had to choose, I'd go with the teacher who said 'marry for neither, focus on the commitment'. For when the love and money goes, who will still be by your side honouring that contract?
And yes, love can go, but what you have left is trust, admiration, respect, and a lot of other variables that can bring back the love that was once shared.

In the end, marry for what is important to you, but you must be honest with the other person. After all, it's not gold digging if the other party knows you're in it for the money!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Recession-ise' Your Style - How to Make Your Own Wigs At Home

My Home Made Wigs To Give My Hair a Break 
Published by The Duchesne

 I love to give my hair a break. The daily combing, styling, washing and  handling puts a lot of stress on the strands and can cause a lot of damage. Some women prefer to wear their hair and handle it daily which is fine. However, for women like myself who prefer to rest our hair, we opt for either braids, wigs or weaves.

As you get to know me, you will see I love a bargain and I'm always looking at ways to save money. 
During my pondering on what to do with my hair this winter, it dawned on me that I have seen over and over how my hairstylist does my weave. 
So, I took it upon myself to attempt to make my own and bought a wig head. My wigs came out so well, I thought I'd share how I made them with you.

Things I used

How I made them
1. Place stocking cap on wig head

2. Put hair glue on hair weft and glue around wig head in a circular motion starting at the bottom
(use blow dryer to speed up the glue drying process)

 3. Continue until you get to the point where there is just a little circle left

4. Now get a little piece of hair, roll it, cut the weft off and add glue to where the weft has been cut

  5. Stick the strands into the circle, hold firm and blow dry until glue is invisible


6. Cut, trim, gloss and style


Additional info:
  • 2 packs of human hair cost £6.99 per pack
  • Cost of hair glue £1.00
  • Cost of making both wigs, £14.98

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