Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Quick, healthy, home made meal - Steamed Fish and Okras

Steamed Fish and Okras (Jamaican Style)

- A delightfully tasty and healthy homemade option that costs less than a Big Mac!
Published by The Duchesne

It is wet and rainy in London and I feel for something delicious and healthy. I am pressed for time so it must be quick. Solution -

       Steamed fish with Okras
Ingredients I used
3 red tail snappers 
4 handfuls of okras 
Fish seasoning
Everyday seasoning
Mixed herbs and Thyme
1/2 Onion
1 tbspn butter
1/4 cup water
Pinch of salt

How to make
1. Wash and de-scale fish.
Tip: Ask the fishmonger to descale fish when you make your purchase
Snappers washed and de-scaled

2. Wash okras
Okras washed with tips attached
3. Cut the tips off both ends of the okras (optional)
4. Season fish (I used fish seasoning, everyday seasoning, mixed herbs and thyme). I made a diagonal slice on the outside of each fish to enable even distribution of seasonings enhancing the flavour. Seasoning is also rubbed into the belly of the fish.
Seasoned snappers
5. Slice onions
6. Place okras and sliced onions into pan
7. Add 1/4 cup water with pinch of salt
8. Place fish on top of okras. Don't place fish on each other
9. Add 1 tbsp butter

10. Place on low flame and steam for 10 minutes.

Cooked and ready to serve

Additional info.
  •  Meal serves 3, total preparation time 15-20 minutes
  • Fish cost £2.19 (all three)
  • Okras cost £2.00

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Photography, The Duchesne


    1. It looks tasty but I normally add some flavor enhancer to mine.

    2. Looks delicious

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    4. Yes you can add that if you like.

    5. Thank you for the recipe to this, always wanted to make it and noow I will it looks so easy

    6. Karen Shirley Green9 October 2010 at 08:38

      looks really tasty


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