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Top Cars For 2010

Diamonds Or Cars? Which Really Is A Girl's Best Friend?
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Would you believe that women have more influence on car design and car buying than men? Yes, we do.
Women are, "directly responsible for 45-50 percent of all new vehicles bought in the US and directly influence up to 80% of all vehicle sales", according to statistics by Ford.
Behind every successful man there is a woman right? Well, behind every car purchase there is a woman too. Single women buy cars, women in relationships buy cars and if they don't they significantly influence the car their partner buys. Plus we know many single men buy cars to impress the ladies. 

Case and point. We love our diamonds and we love our cars. In light of this, here is my list of the top 10 go to cars for 2010.

10. The Honda Civic Hybrid

I like the Civic Hybrid because of it's superb fuel efficiency, the huge space in the front seats and it's handling. Okay so why is it at no. 10? Well, there is hardly any trunk space, the back seat space is too limited, sometimes the ride is a little bumpy and jiggly, and you can hardly tell it apart from the Civic made a year ago. How are people suppose to know you are driving a 2010 Civic? But it's still pleasing to the eye and good value for money ranging from $23,000 upwards.

9. The Suzuki Kiyashi

Roomy, spacious, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. I quite like this car despite it being a Suzuki (nothing against the brand but I've never been a Suzuki girl). This Kiyashi says luxury on a budget at a starting price of $18,000. It's sporty with minimal road noise, handles like a dream with all the luxuries we girls like such as keyless entry, heated seats, sun roof, leather steering with built in controls etc. This is one to have!

8. Mazda MX5 Miata

If you don't have a family or only 1 child, this is a great choice. It stands in a class of few when it comes to fuel efficiency and speed; making it an ultimate budget Ferrari. It doesn't have much trunk space but who needs a trunk when you're seeking a thrill? Mazda makes this in a hard top and soft top convertible which is a bonus. This is a good head turner and affordable too with prices from $27,000.

7. The Chevrolet Cruz

"Don't just drive, Cruz," says everything about this Chevrolet. It is remarkably comfortable and elegant, suited for the sophisticated ladies and will change the way you view compact cars. Its efficiency is like the Hybrid but for a lower price tag. You can get these for a base price of $19,900 upwards. Shocking! I know.

6. Nissan Sentra

Suitable for a practical girl is this practical car, equipped with all the necessities and good on fuel consumption. It's not a bad looking car and with prices from $14,500...they are selling like hot bread.

5. Chevrolet Equinox
Yes, Chevrolet makes my list again. Not because I am biased but because this modern SUV benefits from great design, economy, affordability and safety. It has sliding back seats, little road noise and a stylish interior. Pick one up from $20,500.

4. Lexus HS 250h 

Okay, before you hawk at me, I know. Yes, I know the Lexus HS 250h has been recalled by Toyota twice this year but that doesn't stop me from loving this one. Think luxury, comfort, style, quiet and so much more but it does come at a price of $30,500 upwards. I say, worth every penny.


3. BMW X5 M

A beauty. Just simply faultless is this machine from Germany. This is a SUV that screams look at me! You have to be rolling big to bag this beauty though because prices start from $85,500.

2010 BMW X5 M

2. Porsche Cayenne

A beast and a beauty rolled in one. This SUV commands respect on the road and makes even the more expensive BMW X5 M quiver. Talk about speed, techs, safety, power and value for money; then this is the SUV to have as you can bag one from $45,000. Crazy right? 

1. The Mercedes E Class Cabriolet

What is it about women and convertibles? Is it the 'hair blowing in the wind' feeling or the sheer fact that driving with your top down on a nice summer's day makes you feel freer than a bird? This picture doesn't even do this car justice. It is by far the most beautiful thing Mercedes has ever made!

The 1 drawback for this car is that it doesn't come in a hard top. But I can work with that as Mercedes say a hard top would compromise trunk space. And we'd need our trunk for luggage on the numerous road trips we'd be taking in this beauty.
Prices start from $65,500. These keep their value so just get a used one if this price is not up your street.

Diamonds? Cars? We'll take it all. A girl can't have too many best friends! 

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  1. Girls can't handle the Porshce or BMW X5. Good article though.

  2. I really enjoyed this article. Thanks a lot because girls like cars even more than diamonds. I will be sharing this.

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