Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The BlackBerry - More Popular Than Jesus?

It's Everywhere. It's on Everyone's Lips; But What Are Its Miracles?
Published by The Duchesne

Not since Ali shook up the world,  Hip Hop popularised the Gold teeth & Bling, and Barack ran for president; have I seen one FAD grip nations and people on the the scale the BlackBerry has. What is it about this gadget that makes plenty of us feel under par if we don't have it?

It's the first thing most pick up in the morning. Possibly the only must have on one's person throughout the day. And in true form, the last thing that gets put down at night.
The BlackBerry is arguably not the best phone on the market neither is it the most stylish. There are notable contenders such as the Samsung and Apple counterparts boasting just as much features, huger screens, etc. that are perhaps more stylish.
So what is it about the BlackBerry that is making it such a 'religion' almost?

Are we simply 'following the crowd/craze'?

Last Christmas I recieved a BlackBerry as a gift. I was most excited to join the BlackBerry clan until I opened the box. Can you say disappointed? The screen was too tiny for my liking not to mention the keys. The picture and video clarity was not commendable. Those were enough to break the deal for me. I brought it back to the shop, went through hell and high water to get it returned and chose a Samsung Jet in the end.

When I tell anyone I returned a BlackBerry for a Samsung, I am looked upon as if I have a lopsided head. Why?
Because it's unheard of. Who says 'No' to a BlackBerry?  Still, I have never been one to follow the crowd.

I love my Jet. I love the clarity, resolution, apps., screen size, everything. about it. My Jet does all the things I would have wanted the BlackBerry to do and I am happy I said no to the BB.
But I would be lying if I said that when I see everyone popping out their BlackBerries on the train, I don't get a little 'BlackBerry envy' with some part of me wanting to be a part of the crowd.

Many people would never consider trying anything other than the BlackBerry. And I will continue to be silently amused by the pride and 'pompousness' that emanates from people's eyes when they say  'I OWN A BLACKBERRY'.

Nonetheless, it's high time we see this phone for what it really is - Just another good phone and simply that. It doesn't warrant all the Reverence, surely?

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  1. Karen Shirley Green26 October 2010 at 11:38

    I agree with you 100%, I got a blackberry pearl, used it for a while, it fell and I just parked it and went back using my Samsung, one of the older type and I honestly don't mind not having a blackberry, I still go online and I have a digital camera, and more importantly I can still make and receive calls - the most important thing about a phone. So yea, all you blackberry owners, get over yourself, y'all aint that special.

  2. LOL@ Karen....'get over yourself, ya'll aint that special'...
    LOVE IT.


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