Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mouse Baked In Bread Provokes Interest In Manufacturing Standards

Father Discovers Mouse Baked In His Bread
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Imagine sitting down to a meal and spotting this?

That's exactly what happened to the Forse family as they were preparing sandwiches for their children in 2009. The case which ended last month saw the bread company Premier Foods being fined little over £16,000.

Stephen Forse, the dad who discovered the object, said he had used up some of the bread to make sandwiches previously but noticed a dark object fixed in the corner of the bread according to the Daily Mail. At first he thought it was unmixed dough until he noticed a fur-like consistency and on closer inspection saw the mouse.

Forse reportedly contacted the Environment Health Agency and was further distressed when he was told that the tail of the mouse was missing. He stated he was sickened because it was possible that one of his children may have eaten the tail in a previous sandwich he had made the day before.
To date it is unclear what happened to the tail, and whether it had fallen off during the baking process or had in fact been eaten.

Premier Foods issued this statement after the court findings "We apologise profusely for the distress caused because of this isolated incident."
They also state they have carried out a thorough investigation and have found no evidence of mice within their bakery or any similiar customer findings or complaints, re-enforcing this was definitely an 'isolated' incident.

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