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(Snippet below is from the novel 'Finer Wine' by Sheena Williams).
"And then it had to end.
  I was distraught.
  Not one to do heartbreak, I threw myself into another relationship to get over him.
  That clearly hasn't worked. It's been 3 years 4 months still only loving him."

Will they ever be together again? 
She thinks they will so she waits patiently for that time to come. 
In the meantime, she continues to love him, and love him, and love him so much more. 
I suppose on some level everyone can relate to the above. Finding someone you longed for your whole life then it ends and you try your hardest to replicate or replace that person to no avail.
Some never attempt to reconcile it preferring to keep the fond memories. For others, they fight for their love lost in many forms. One form being the ultimate 'love letter'.

Love Letter To A Love That Got Away (writer wishes to be anonymous)

Dearest Love,

Of you I always dream, oh may these lines find you in good and joyful spirits. Do you ever think of me? Sometimes? 
I think of you always. Late at night, early in mornings, on mid sunny days and on dark cold evenings. It pains my heart that we didn't get a fair chance. Please understand that you will be in my heart forever. I miss your lips, your gentle kiss, your caress, your charisma, your charm, your smell, your beautiful face that houses those glistening white teeth bringing me to your smile. 
Oh how I miss your smile. That 1 in a million smile that could get you anything you desired of me. Do you know how beautiful you are to me? Do you know I would love to wear your name? That I practise saying my name with yours attached?  
I spoke with you again today. Just couldn't resist any longer. And now my heart dances a jubilant dance. Why? Oh why must we be so far apart? I love you. 
Do you know that I love you? I loved you from the first time I saw your face captured in pictures. It was immediate. Out of everyone; you were The one. So you see, it was not just physical with us. From the onset it was a spiritual attraction. Yes you were fine. Indeed. But so were the others. It wasn't just physical, my spirit had loved your spirit and your spirit had loved mine.
I fought myself to not engage too much initially. Remember? 
It took you forever to get me to go on a date. It wasn't because I hadn't wanted to. Quite the contrary. Twas because I knew I would love you and I was in no position to love you. To love you how I wanted to, and how you deserved. 
I was right too because I knew the outcome would have been what it was. But I loved you. Don't ever forget that. And I still do. You told me I will always have a place in your heart. I hold on to that.
When you left, I cried. I never told you. But I cried Baby. I loved you so much it was pathetic. I cried for you and for me. 
I still cry, wanting you to kiss my tears away.
Now I feel like I'm in  high school all over again, grinning from ear to ear whenever I hear your voice, see your face or think of you. When my days are dull, I only need to think of you and they instantly brighten.
Your lips are sweeter than sugar, your skin as black as dark rich chocolate, your breath as fresh as the mountain air, your arms as safe as a fortress, I just want to seek solitude in them forever. 
May I seek solitude in us forever? 
Let me love you baby, with all that I am and all that I have to give. Let me love YOU. 

 Love you eternal, 

This letter holds personal resonance with me. In a large proportion of instances, I remember a love I once had. It was a special kind. Still is.
We all know that kind, don't we? Having moments with someone whom makes your heart smile its biggest smile. Nothing can compare. It's that new love. That puppy love feeling all over again. Those moments made being in love so worthwhile.

We were together a time ago, though looking back it seems like just yesterday. And, if I let the feelings carry me, it appears to be just today.
My way of holding on is to replay our moments often, keeping those memories near. I reach out to him every now and then, letting him know I hold him dear. Why didn't  it work you might wonder? Well, these things have an odd way of playing out don't they? In our case it was bad timing. Aargh I just detest that, right person, wrong time.

Today's edition is dedicated solely to those who have had a love that just didn't happen and are still holding hope that it will atleast be given a chance.

Don't give up, write a love letter to your love. For if it still doesn't work, one can always look back and say 'I tried'.

This edition is also dedicated to, and inspired by my lost love. You know who you are; loving you from afar.

I will continue to love him, and love him and love him so much more. It's bitter sweet. Sigh.

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Additional info:

'Finer wine' is the follow up to Sheena Williams' 1st novel 'Fine Wine'. A series of three novels, with the 3rd and final being 'The Finest Wine'. The novels are currently in the process of publishing and syndication.

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  1. I so love this article as I can relate. It's the worst feeling in the world to have unrequited love.


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