Monday, October 25, 2010

New Research Shows Brain Gets Bigger After Giving Birth

Want To Grow Your Brain?   Have A Baby Say Scientists
Published by The Duchesne

A study carried out on the brains of women 2-3 weeks after giving birth and again 3-4 months later, showed significant growth in areas of the brain.
The results were very unusual as changes in the brains of adults over such a short period only occurs if there is significant learning, brain inury etc.

Regions of the brain that showed growth included the prefrontal cortex (responsible for reasoning and judgement), the hypothalamus (responsible for metabolism regulation) and the parietal lobe (responsible for sensory).

Mothers who were very enthusiastic about motherhood showed larger brain growth as opposed to those who were less enthusiastic.
The research was carried out by The National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland, USA.

And there you have it, new mothers actually experience increased brain growth.
So for everyone who has said that a woman's brain turns to pulp after giving birth, consider yourself newly advised.

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  1. This brain growth info is most excellent news! You think it makes up for the lack of ability to snooze? :o)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  2. Lol@ Rachel...cleverly put. And yes highly possible, that would make sense.

  3. Dang, and my wife is already smarter than me. Now she is going to have more brainpower? It doesn't seem fair.

  4. It seems very fair to Doug.

  5. This is great news to all women out there! Giving birth does have a lot of benefits. Not only are we given a very dear and special person, we also become smarter and wiser through it all. =)


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